the walls fell.

The seeds were first planted a long time ago but sowing seeds before a long cold is often foolish.  Luckily a tarp was laid and the seeds were deep enough that the earth’s loving warmth kept them insulated through heavy storms and cold snaps.  When the spring came the tarp was forgotten and the seeds received no life giving water and it was looking bleak.  Flowers that were meant to be so beautiful stuck inside tiny little shells.  Then finally the fear was lifted, the gardener woke up and gave the seeds a fighting chance.

Ordinary behavior ceased and

new trends started to awaken.  Responsibility, love and introspection blossomed suddenly in a flower bed that had run dry.  That lackluster watering can was picked up, filled with joy and belief and poured all over the mucky soil.  The flowers started to grow, pansies, roses, carnations, tulips and lilies.  Bursting colors out of deep dark brown soil, a respectful salute to the world that is and a firm acknowledgment of the world that could be.  This garden was small but it was beautiful and it had a fighting chance to become a major botanical spectacle.  All it needed was to be given that chance.

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