I can’t stop thinking.

“If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.”

Things are going well in all areas of my life right now. I’m feeling very confident in my coding ability. I am feeling very pleased about my emotional state and my feelings. I’m happy with the way my relationship troubles have panned out and the direction they are going. I’m just terribly comfortable in the middle of huge changes. I feel prepared. More than I’ve ever felt prepared before.

Also I’m feeling physically better. I think it could have something to do with the fact that my mental state effects my physical state so much and I have not been in the most positive mental boat for a while. I hope all of the blogs on here will be so positive! I’m just happy with where the world has put me. And I’m happy with where I am, where I’ll be in a month and where I will be in a year, even though I am prepared for them all to change.

I guess I’m just in a good mood. Even though I doubt anyone will read this, I don’t care, because I’m happy. =-P


Hey everyone.


This is my venture into the blog world. Exciting, huh? I’m leaving Colorado soon and I want to keep everyone updated about things. I don’t know that there will be much interesting yet but, we’ll see.

Big problem is that my boss knows my url so I can’t bitch about him.

Anyways. I don’t have anything interesting today. Maybe tomorrow or something. <3 everyone.