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home.  it’s been a very nebulous idea for me over the past two years.

i don’t know whether it’s the stars of the great northwest or the cool breeze of cameron highlands.

finally i’ve realized something though.  for the past 2 years i’ve gained this obsession with travel.  this nomadic hunger to see new things and experience new places.  to be honest at first it worried me.  i wondered how could i ever have a normal life with these sort of tendencies?  today i realized that i’m not looking for constant travel or constant adventure…  i’m looking to replace a home that has disappeared.  when my mom moved to southeast asia from america and we sold our house of 20-some-years i didn’t want to admit it but i was crushed.  what i thought was a natural twenty something drinking habit formed…  that one year of binge drinking turned into another year of figuring myself out.  and i have, finally.

i’ve found a new home.  i don’t plan to be here forever but i plan to make it last and i plan to take what i’ve learned with me.  and the one person i’ve gained i trust will come along.  family is ever growing but love is very limited.  it’s like a card game i learned recently where you can only have one card in your hand at any time.  i’ve got the best card and i’m keeping it.

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