forgive and forget

Pitter pitter patter patter.

Drip drop drip.  I’m falling asleep, I’m slipping away, as far as it can get.

I try to hold the reigns, I can’t control the bulge, I lose my grasp of this.

Sudden shocking balls of light.  Cooling flakes of snow.  Broken
shattered glasses, broken box of family photos.

I’ve run the pipe cleaner through the holes, I’ve cleaned up the dirt.
As hard as I’ve tried and long as I’ve pushed I lose my headstart I
lose my handle I fall and slip.

Things that are so different always come full circle.  My palms sweat
in my dreams of that and my teeth grind, my jaws clench.  I wish the
tides would change and I could see my way to forgive.  I want to know
you again but you’ve broken so many of my rules.

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