When I flip the little switch in the shower to make the water run through the top bit rather than the bottom I always brace myself.  I always prepare for the worst.  As though the cold water hitting my chest is going to destroy me.  As though the cold water is going to make me […]

Passionate epitaphs have always been my thing.  I forget about the moments leading up to the death, forgetting the troubles, the sins, the anger, the mistrust, all of it. A symphony of words release themselves from my vocal cords, heart felt, but misguided; confused, but still true.  I’m finding myself in a place where I […]

out on the town

Incredibly human experiences are really rare for me. I just had one. I was in the bathroom and a guy told another, “If you get a chance read the last one.” There was a little sign hanging behind every urinal. I read it. It said, “Never take a sleeping pill and a laxitive in the […]


Last night when I was sitting in the park there was a black and white mouse running around in the planter. How appropriate. It was scurrying around and wishing it had someone to be near. It did not. Neither do I. I relate to that mouse because I feel like I am running, direction less, […]