confusing morning

You know I’ve had a confusing morning. Waking up at 5am. Making delicious eggs. Having a strange conversation. Having a beer. Writing some code. I was scared that today might be a backstep — that today might make my recently unwavering decisions moot. I’ve decided I’m not going to do that. The events of the […]

OZ 751

I sat there on the plane eyes shut My shirt was wet, it felt like my chest pissed itself I might burn this house down when I get there. I contemplated I sipped the coffee in the red cup Nodded at the attendant I abuse my liver all the time My kidneys need a smack […]

write about love

you know… i’ve written about your eyes.  i’ve written about your kisses.  i’ve never wrote or maybe communicated about your love. when i feel it — disarmingly rare as it might be — it’s overwhelming.  i know that i’m a demanding lover, i know that you’re a demanding lover but somehow we communicate and understand. […]