Passionate epitaphs have always been my thing.  I forget about the moments leading up to the death, forgetting the troubles, the sins, the anger, the mistrust, all of it. A symphony of words release themselves from my vocal cords, heart felt, but misguided; confused, but still true.  I’m finding myself in a place where I […]

room to breathe

I’ve always had a hard time expressing myself, to a fault really.  Sometimes I cannot figure out how to arrange the words properly to tell someone that the way they are sitting next to me in a chair is driving me completely insane.  Things that seem really simple but are not when they are seen […]

misty night

The criminal darted out from behind the back of the building, looked both way and ran into the dark of the night. It was a lovely night. The moon was out though it could hardly be seen through the dense mist and city lights. City lights that obscured everything. There was a couple leaning against […]