weekend weekend weekend weekend weekend weekend week. i paper the walls with random crosswords and bits of photos from friends and i going out.  i look around and realize what a truly good ride i’ve had.  so i calm myself, listen to that song and think of that week.  dammit.  i still feel good. i’ve […]


donny wrote. “dear notebook (my mom calls it my ‘diary’) “My thoughts of you in passing are brilliant and clear while my writing seems so convoluted and vague. “My eyes well up with tears quite rarely these days.  I feel remorse, loss and lack of ability to cope the same way that I imagine Sir […]

another rough gem

Miguel didn’t know much about men.  In fact if he didn’t have a penis and a stout beard he’s probably of (happily) forgotten they exist.  When he walked alongside the apartment complex that he frequently visited he cried a little bit because the small pieces of tree stuck in the chain link fence looked as […]

settling down again

he thought of her often but didn’t miss her because he knew that she knew he needed this. the song kept playing in his head and his heart beat with love, determination and some aggression.  the comments on his un-american attitude were flattering.  his goal was near.  his goal of being the person who he […]

i hate it when relationships don’t work out

(09:08:59 SGT) darby: hi (09:09:06 SGT) darby: hi how are you today? (09:09:13 SGT) i’m pretty good. i’m in seattle. (09:09:22 SGT) darby: my name is paris I’m doing great today I’m 21 yrs old how old are you? (09:09:49 SGT) my name is nick and i’m doing great today. i’m 24 how […]